Family Liaison

Connecting Families With Our School

Our family liaison, Irene Hong, serves as a link between our families and the school. She facilitates family-school communication, which empowers families to become more active partners in their children's education.

Ms. Hong works in our school community to answer questions about the school, assist in completing school forms, and explain school goals, policies, procedures, and programs. She also provides information about school and community resources and services, and, arranges for language interpreters at school meetings.

A note from Ms. Hong:

Fairfax County

Willow Springs  Elementary School

I am a Parent Liaison, and  I work with all parents in the school.
I speak:  Korean,  English
My office hours are: Tuesday 9:30-2: 30/Thursday 1-2:00

I am a school staff member who will work with both you and your children's teachers.

I will:

  •  answer questions you have about the school
  •  assist you with completing school forms
  •  explain school goals,  policies,  procedures,  and programs
  •  provide information to you about school and community resources and services
  •  arrange for language interpreters for you at school meetings