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If you want to save the time and hassle of searching multiple stores for your student's school supplies, consider purchasing a kit online with everything your student will need for the fall. You'll also be supporting the WSES PTA and its programs!

The school supplies kits will be delivered directly to the school in August and will be waiting for your students on the first day of school. 

The Willow Springs PTA wants to ensure that every family knows that support is always available if needed.

For scholarship information, please contact either our school counselor, Ms. Shelton, [email protected], or our social worker, Mr. McCrae, [email protected] to ask for financial assistance with any school or PTA-sponsored activity, including a free school supplies kit.

Supplies may be ordered using the School Supplies link below. If you would like to purchase your own supplies, please open your grade level link which will show all the supplies needed. You can copy this page to do your own shopping.

2023-24 School Supplies

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