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Elementary Art Program Overview

The elementary art program of Fairfax County Public Schools is exploratory and conceptual in nature. Children explore a variety of thinking processes, art forms, materials, techniques, and sources of inspiration to solve art, making challenges and meaning of their world. The elementary art program is designed with a sustained focus on "A Sense of Place" providing students opportunities to question, explore, and document their perception of their place in the world. "A Sense of Place" is an enduring idea that validates the experiences of young artists, helps them understand what it means to be a human, and challenges them to be more empathetic to the people, cultures, and environments they encounter. At each grade level, "A Sense of Place" is explored through a different, developmentally appropriate theme.

NGAkids Art Zone

Introduction to art and art history, featuring a variety of art-making tools that encourage exploration and creativity.

Create Abstract Art in your Browser

Move spheres and draw fantastic online pictures.

Online Coloring Book

ScrapColoring's colorful patterns give a very rich variety of choices to develop your artistic sense.

Elementary School Fine Arts