Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM)


Willow Springs Bluebird Trail

A Bluebird nest box with a camera was installed over winter break in 2021 with the help of Mike Bishop, Fairfax County Naturalist, Jason Schneider, Willow Springs parent, and Dylan Taylor, Principal. We are looking forward to installing the other nest boxes for the Willow Springs Bluebird Trail soon. Stay tuned for future updates!

The nest boxes and webcam are from a grant awarded to our Steam Teacher, Carley Fisher-Maltese from the Virginia Bluebird Society.

Read more about this Virginia conservation initiative.


Farm Animals School Visit-Fall 2021

We had a farm animal visit from a dairy cow (and her 2-week-old calf), a beef cow, a hen, a rooster, 2 female goats (and 1 female baby goat – a kid), and 2 sheep! The farm animal visit was intentionally very hands-on and experiential for our students. After discussing a few ground rules, our students enjoyed petting, hugging, “loving on” and asking the animal handlers all their questions about the animals. It was amazing! The animals reside at Piney Grove Farm in Midland, VA.

Farm Animal