WSES Math Team win Awards in the International Math Olympiad Program for Elementary and Middle Schools

By Liz Flaherty
April 23, 2022


Thirty-two students from Willow Springs Elementary School were among the approximately 100,000 students worldwide to participate this year in the Math Olympiad Program for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS). The objectives of MOEMS are to teach multiple strategies for out-of-the-box problem solving, develop mathematical flexibility in solving these problems, and foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity. Students participated in a series of five monthly contests with five problems each, from November to March, and weekly practice sessions under the supervision and coaching of Nunik Nishanian. Students were taught to solve unusual, challenging, thought-provoking, and difficult problems that stretched their abilities, helped them think critically, and strengthened their foundation for both assessment tests and more advanced studies. The Math Olympiad served over 100,000 students on approximately 3,500 teams nationally and about 50,000 students on 1,00 teams in more than 30 countries.

The WSES team was named to the National Math Olympiad Honor Roll with a score of 194 points, earning a Highest Team Achievement Plaque. A team must be in the 90th percentile to win this ward.

WSES had 25 students who placed in the top 50% of all participants winning national awards for excellence within Division E for grades four-six, congratulations Foxes!

Ani Nishanian earned the prestigious Dr. George Lenchner Medallion, awarded for a perfect score of 25 (top 1%), she also earned the Highest Individual Scorer Trophy and Gold Pin, awarded to those in the 98th percentile (top 2%).

The Silver Pin was awarded to 10 of our students placing in the 90th-97th percentile (top 10%) with scores ranging from 17 to 20 points.

Nitin Kalluru (20 points), Dhruv Pardikar (20 points), Avika Singh (20 points), Aavyan Tendulkar (20 points), Ajay Bodapotula (18 points), Belgutei Naran-Erdene (18 points), Clive Song (18 points), Meesha Chitturi (17 points), Abhiyan Pathak (17points).

14 students were in the top 50% of all participants with scores from 8 to 16 points.

 John Zhu (16 points-top 20%), Namira Meghla (15 points-top 20%), Pravin Baskara (14 points-top 20%), Chason Cai (14 points-top 20%), Nicholas Lee (14 points-top 20%), Zachary Montgomery (14 points-top 20%), Noah Kim (13 points-top25%), Niveditt Gupta (11 points-top 40%), Esther Kim (11 points-top 40%), Maahi Chhadwa (10 points-top 40%), Sampada Joshi (9 points-top 50%), Bishesh Pokhrel (9 points-top 50%), Drishti Choubey (8 points-top 50%).

The school principal Mr. Dyan Taylor, the team coach Ms. Nunik Nishanian, and the kids, and their parents got together to celebrate the students' achievements in this amazing learning journey. Principal Taylor received the Team plaque on behalf of the school and congratulated the team on their achievements. He reminded the kids that their achievement was a "big deal" and that every time they saw the plaque in the trophy case they should pat their backs and say that "each one of them on the team was responsible for it".


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