Capitol Hill Trip-Fifth and Sixth Graders

By Liz Flaherty
May 09, 2024

In an outstanding display of community involvement and commitment to the environment, 42 fifth and sixth graders, guided by Ms. Williams, engaged with lawmakers on April 29 to champion the recycling of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Inspired by their involvement in the Jason Learning & ISRI Public Service Announcement contest, they aimed to address the critical issue of recycling EV batteries, of which only about 5% are currently recycled. Dividing into teams, they met with the staff of 17 senators and representatives, impressively pitching the need for better recycling practices.

These students prepared diligently, conducting early morning meetings and interviewing professionals about the challenges and solutions related to EV battery waste, including fire risks and recycling technologies. Their professional approach and thorough research won the admiration of Capitol staffers, showcasing their deep understanding and commitment to solving this environmental challenge.

This initiative underscores the significant impact youth can have on policy and environmental conservation. By engaging directly with political representatives, these students demonstrated an advanced comprehension of environmental issues and a strong dedication to promoting sustainable practices, setting an inspiring example for both their peers and adults in driving meaningful change.