Ms. Wheeler Named FCPS Region 5 Outstanding Operational Employee!

Ms. Shelton, Ms. Creek, Ms. Willison Also Recognized at FCPS Honors

By Department of Human Resources
June 19, 2019

phyllis wheeler portraitCongratulations to Office Assistant Phyllis Wheeler who was recognized at the annual FCPS Honors event as the 2019 Region 5 Outstanding Operational Employee and one of six finalists for this year's Outstanding Operational Employee Award!

Mrs. Wheeler is one of those special people who gets things done. Coupled with her unparalleled contributions, she builds strong relationships that have a profound and lasting impact on students and her school community. Mrs. Wheeler consistently supports teachers to make their jobs easier. To benefit students, she led a complete remodel of the school library and her Local Screening organization and Special Education records have set a benchmark in FCPS. A coworker recently stated, “There isn’t an area of our school that hasn’t improved when Mrs. Wheeler takes it upon herself to add her personal touch. If I could make up a title that more accurately describes what Mrs. Wheeler does, it would be School Ambassador Extraordinaire or CESO (Chief Everything School Officer).”

Congratulations also to the other Willos Springs Elementary School staff members recognized at FCPS Honors!

Outstanding Leader School-level Recipient

  • Tamela Shelton, School Counselor

Outstanding Elementary New Teacher School and Pyramid-level Recipient

  • Alison Willison, Kindergarten Teacher 

Outstanding Elementary Teacher School and Pyramid-level Recipient

  • Kristin Creek, Second Grade Teacher 

Thank you to Krystal Styles for all of her hard work with the nomination process by serving as this year's awards liaison!