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Meet our PE Teachers

Burda Portrait

Mr. Burda is originally from Western Pennsylvania. He attended Slippery Rock University for his Undergraduate degree and George Mason University for his Master's Degree. He moved to VA in 2005 and has been teaching at Willow Springs since then.

Silvis Portrait

Mr. Silvis is originally from Northern Pennsylvania. He also attended Slippery Rock University for his Undergraduate degree and George Mason University for his Master's Degree. I moved to VA in the Fall of 2000 and began teaching at Marshall Road Elementary School. I transferred to Willow Springs ES in 2004 and have been working here since then.

Krimmer Portrait

Ms. Krimmer is our Adapted Physical Education Teacher at Willow Springs. She brings so much joy to so many of us here at school. We love you Ms. Krimmer.

1st Quarter

  • The students did a great job working on:

    • Cooperative activities

    • Fitness concepts

    • Fitness tests

    • Throwing and Catching Skills

Thanks to all of the parent volunteers that helped with our field day! (View pictures here!)

2nd Quarter

  • Striking with Body Parts = Basketball Dribbling, Volleyball skills, Balloon Challenges

  • Gymnastic skills

Staff Basketball Game - February 16th, 6:00 p.m. Centreville High School (Mark your calendar!)

The Willow Springs Staff will be divided up into 2 teams, the Foxes and Willows, and compete in a basketball game on Centreville High School. The Willow Springs Jump Rope Team and Club will be performing as well. This is a great night to show your school spirit!

3rd Quarter

  • Rhythmic Activities - Jump Rope

  • Striking with Implements - racquets, golf, tennis, hockey

  • Volleying and balloon challenges  

4th Quarter

  • Fitness Testing, SMARTR goal analysis

  • Outdoor Games and Activities

  • Dribbling with feet

Progress Monitoring

Students are monitored in 6 areas on their quarterly progress reports.

VA Wellness Fitness Training

Students are tested in 6 areas of Physical Fitness.

Patrol Pledge

I promise to do my best to...

Report for duty on time.

Perform my duties faithfully.

Strive to prevent accidents, always setting a good example myself.

Obey my teachers and officers of the patrol.

Report dangerous practices of students.

Strive to earn the respect of fellow students.

Being a WSES patrol is a privilege and requires being a positive role model for students.

If you have questions, or if you would like to learn more about becoming a patrol, please contact Mr. Burda and Mr. Silvis.

Health and Physical Education