Health and Physical Education

Meet our teachers and learn more about how we're staying active!

1st Quarter

  • The students did a great job working on:

    • Cooperative activities

    • Fitness concepts

    • Fitness tests

    • Throwing and Catching Skills

Thanks to all of the parent volunteers that helped with our field day! (View pictures here!)

2nd Quarter

  • Striking with Body Parts = Basketball Dribbling, Volleyball skills, Balloon Challenges

  • Gymnastic skills

The Willow Springs Staff will be divided up into 2 teams, the Foxes and Willows, and compete in a basketball game on Centreville High School. The Willow Springs Jump Rope Team and Club will be performing as well. This is a great night to show your school spirit!

3rd Quarter

  • Rhythmic Activities - Jump Rope

  • Striking with Implements - racquets, golf, tennis, hockey

  • Volleying and balloon challenges  

4th Quarter

  • Fitness Testing, SMARTR goal analysis

  • Outdoor Games and Activities

  • Dribbling with feet

Progress Monitoring

Students are monitored in 6 areas on their quarterly progress reports.

VA Wellness Fitness Training

Students are tested in 6 areas of Physical Fitness.

Patrol Pledge

I promise to do my best to...

  • Report for duty on time.
  • Perform my duties faithfully.
  • Strive to prevent accidents, always setting a good example myself.
  • Obey my teachers and officers of the patrol.
  • Report dangerous practices of students.
  • Strive to earn the respect of fellow students.

Being a WSES patrol is a privilege and requires being a positive role model for students.

If you have questions, or if you would like to learn more about becoming a patrol, please contact Mr. Burda or Mr. Silvis.

Health and Physical Education